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Posted this in another forum but applies here too...

I'm biased cause i love the guy but imo this whole thing has been a disgrace with Tebow. He's been left to rot on the bench behind one of the worst starters in the NFL and has been undermined at every corner, be it his coach, his teammates, his fellow players across the league, the media or the general NFL community. It's not right. What other player has ever been subject to this sort of treatment? Say what you want about his abilities as a passer or his beliefs but he does not deserve on his body of work in the game to be ridiculed and undermined by everyone including the guys supposed to have his back.

I mean, last year Fox and Elway were VERY sceptical on the whole idea and did pull the plug on it with Manning but we did roll with it, the players backed him to the hilt and we certainly weren't disappointed with the results. I fear he wont make it in the NFL simply because too many have bought into the bull**** and he wont ever get a real crack of the whip again. Tbh he made a mistake not going to Jacksonville..
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