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Originally Posted by teknic View Post
Well said. Portugal is a perfect example of how an education/rehabilitation program could be used instead of incarceration.
There are a lot of very good programs even in the U.S. at local levels showing how we can find real solutions to this.

For example, right now in the suburbs of St. Louis heroin is on a strong comeback. A sheriff of one of the outlying suburbs has put in a new policy whereby anyone who calls in an overdose and then stays with the person will 1. not be subject to prosecution themselves and 2. neither will the person overdosing as long as they cooperate with the police.

He's said that you get pretty amazing results in terms of junkies turning in their dealers when you just saved their life from an overdose/tainted hit on that dealer's ****. His town is one of the few suburbs of STL that is actually winning the war on the cheap, low grade heroin flooding the suburbs of the city.

Crazy how treating junkies like the victims they are results in massive gains for all involved, huh?
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