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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post guessed wrong, peabrain.

You do a lot of guessing, but the fact is DJ Williams has been a Bronco for a very long time and the Broncos have held on to him despite his mistakes. That speaks for itself. Everyone in the org speaks highly of DJ Williams, and in a recent interview that DJ did, he speaks highly of the organization even mentioning "Fred" who is an employee of the Broncos that helps around with whatever is needed.

BTW real class with the pea brain comment, juvenile at best.. that said..

yes he has been a good player for them

BUT hear me they are moving on.. his contract was nuts and for next year even more NUTZ 7.7 mil ..

they have DT and I will quote another site that has way more creds that most of the fanbois on here..

The first one hits big. He often plays big. He’s Danny Trevathan, the 6-1, 232-lb nickel- and dime-package linebacker. It doesn’t take much knowledge of the game to notice that he’s usually around the ball at the tackle, and that he’s essentially fearless. Danny’s been getting into games in nickel and dime coverage.

Trevathan looked outright diminutive next to the 6-5, 255-lb Carolina tight end Greg Olsen. But discriminating fans may have noticed that after Olsen had gashed the Broncos early on, the team assigned Danny to cover Olsen, with immediate positive results. Trevathan did not shut him down, and he will learn a lot from the encounter, but it shows clearly the confidence Denver is developing in him. And, it was a pretty good start, given what he was being asked to do on the fly. Olsen wasn’t the guy he was mostly studying in film work last week, and the rookie still bothered the TE and made his job harder.

Only credited with two tackles and one pass defensed, he had an impact on Olsen that slowed Cam Newton’s reads and ball placement, making it more likely that one of the Broncos defenders would have time to get to ‘Superman’. Olsen was targeted twice when Trevathan was in coverage on him, and made one of the two catches. The other was put down as a pass defensed by trebuchet Trevathan.
read a lot more at..

It make ZERO sense to pull the guys that got them there to experiment with a guy that has not stepped on a real field since about this time last year..

Just to see if he is an upgrade..
that is counter productive in many ways..
  • Takes reps away from DT/Brookings one of which is learning the ropes the other who KNOWS all the ropes..
  • Sends a message to the rest of the team that DJs behavior was acceptable and all is forgiven..
That folks is not the Elway, Fox, JDR or last but not least Manning way..

they may coach speak glowing terms of DJ, but that is all it is..

IIRC Elway spoke of Tebow much the same way last year and minutes later he was a Jet..

Elway is a hard core business guy that is not going to spend a dime more on a player than he has to, in order to get the same results..

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