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It's pretty much universally acknowledged that this year (or next year's) QB class is not anywhere close to last year. That doesn't mean Barley won't be good, but I am very skeptical of any QB that has a lot of talent around him - especially one coming from USC. They do not live up to the hype. The Chiefs have to brag about something, I suppose...
No QB class since 2004 is close to last years. It's a class that happens every decade or so.

As for Barkley, he has nowhere near the talent that Leinart or Sanchez had on their team, especially on offense. Not this year.

Barkley's OL has been struggling all year. They have literally tried everything to fix that thin OL but have had no luck. Khaled Holmes was their best OL and he got hurt. In fact, this is the worst OL USC has had in quite some time actually. You might wanna check these out.

So basically yes he has immense talents at WR and a somewhat productive RB (transfer from PSU) who has been okay but not really that great lately.

Plus Barkley's defense is horrible. They can't stop anybody the last few weeks. Barkley has put up 8 TD's and almost 1,000 passing yards the past 2 weeks and his defense still let him down.

That's the story of this whole QB class though. Good talents covered up by horrible team play.
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