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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I'm guessing you never played a team sport from that chmesitry comment. guessed wrong, peabrain.

As for players supporting him. What do you expect them to do through him under the bus.

I'm guessing that they know Elway, Fox and JDR would frown at that. This group of players that they have put together are smarter than what we have had in the past.

I'd also guess that word was passed not to bad mouth him in the press, they are looking for zero issues for dissent at this stage of the season especially how well it is going.

Also guessing that Manning laid down the law.

Plus the old adage if you do not have something good to say say nothing at all applies in the locker room.
You do a lot of guessing, but the fact is DJ Williams has been a Bronco for a very long time and the Broncos have held on to him despite his mistakes. That speaks for itself. Everyone in the org speaks highly of DJ Williams, and in a recent interview that DJ did, he speaks highly of the organization even mentioning "Fred" who is an employee of the Broncos that helps around with whatever is needed.
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