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Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
Fox has been nothing but positive about DJ's talent and production since he took over the HC position here. I'll defer to his expertise, especially with JDR's input. I'm going to be watching closely this week to see if they come out with more 3-4 looks getting WW and DJ on the field at the same time. It could go a ways to shoring up the middle of the field against teams like the Pats. I'm looking forward to seeing how our Defensive Braintrust integrates DJ into the lineup. Should be fun to watch.
Fox is the master of coach speak.

Since neither Fox or JDR are not anything but master 4-3 coaches that last comment is funny at best.
Also knowing that we really do not have any. 3-4 bonafide DL guys that adds to the sillyness.

Why does everyone want to reinvent the wheel mid stream when the team is playing lights out.

Some people's kids.
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