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Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
Some were on Tebow, when he was hesitating to pull the trigger. I feel a lot was the fact that the defenses didn't fear the pass at all and just attacked the line of scrimmage all day. That would be a side effect of Tebow, but not entirely his fault.
You can't have it both ways. If defenses were stacked to stop the run and they did not fear the pass, then that automatically, by default, opens up the passing game. Defenses did not fear the passing game at all and Pittsburgh paid dearly for it in the playoffs (credit to TT on that play). However, if defenses were set up to stop the run, TT should have been able to connect better in the passing game, period. There's no getting around this. So, in fact, yes, those TT sacks were primarily on TT because the man simply could not throw the ball with any confidence.

Also, towards the end of the season, especially after the NE game, TT was fall all intents and purposes, shell shocked about turning the ball over. This too hampered his ability to pass the ball effectively.
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