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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
It's like some of you guys don't trust Jack Del Rio and John Fox to do what is best for the team.

If they think the Deej is ready to go, I'll defer to their judgement here.
Oh I completely trust them. But unlike the nut huggers, I see it for what it is. Unlikely that he is in their plans other than a spare part in case he is needed.

They expect because JDR is a miracle worker so far that instantly dumb ass is going to become an instant pro bowl player.

He is what he is a supremely gifted athlete that is a dumber than a rock. That has not produced to his potential the first 6 years of his career.

Many blame that on the revolving door at DC. But IIRC he has had the same LB coach for much of that time frame.

Place the blame where it should be if there were numerous changes in scheme if he were all that good he would have picked them up fast and adapted.

He would have been the shining star and reached his potential. But alas he has Been slightly above average on a sub par defense since he got here.

Y'all act like he is Vilma or Lewis. He is DJ and unlikely to become anything more than DJ has been.
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