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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
You have to understand that this is his message board persona. Been around it since I was a little teenager. Hardly, if ever, will you see complimentary posts about Broncos players or their successes. He always predicts us to lose and has nothing great to say even when we do well. He is the same clown that said Elvis Dumervil would never do well in the NFL because he was a "midget" and said that drafting Ryan Clady was a "mistake" since he played for Boise State against "weak competition." He thinks he is funny with his play on words regarding Shanahan (Tanahan) and his bad drafting (Dafting), but he isn't. It is petulant, ridiculous and his vociferous trolling has gotten quite old. Why he hasn't been giving another vacation is beyond me.
Someone's mad about their "vacation"...
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