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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I have never understood why people are so afraid of taxing weed and drugs. By a wide margin the largest 2 problems associated with drug use are crimes committed to support drug use and organized crime associated with production, transportation and retail. By putting long time addicts on a government program where they will be channeled into rehab or put under observation in return for government sponsored facilities for taking drugs and government dispensaries will save society a ton of money. You knock out the petty crime such as turning tricks, shop lifting, purse snatching, home invasions, muggings aimed at supporting the habit and you reduce your health care costs significantly as you don't get people ODing as often or suffering other health issues from taking tainted drugs and you can provide clean materials to reduce the spread of HIV, HEP-B and HEP-C etc.

By removing a large part of the market you also weaken organized crime and by taking away the weakest segment of drug users you make it much more difficult for gangs to control the market which in turn makes them easier to target.

As for weed, just make it like tobacco, put rules on who can sell it, tax it and put an age limit in place for when you can buy it. Like alcohol and prescription medicine you make it illegal to drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence.

excuse me sir but we dont need your common sense and logic here please get out of here. only reefer madness type hysteria is only allowed in this discussion .
now if you excuse me ........legalizing marijuana will lead to madness nurses and doctors will botch surgeries car crashes will go up 100% school kids will be high in class all the time . cancer rates will go up 900% chaos and anarchy will ensure . civilization as we know it will cease to exist .
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