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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
I think JDR finally has the players and it has taken a while to let the scheme sink in, get back up to speed calling plays (which he had not done for a long time), and trying to make adjustments outside of the gameplanning phase.

Remember, he drafted the HELL out of the DL in JAX in order to get after one Peyton Manning with very little success. He did get some very good DT's, but he never, ever had the pass rush duo he inherited in DEN.

Also, he has had the benefit of sitting down With Peyton Manning and discussing how other teams attacked his defenses in Jax and what they thought were the weaknesses they could attack. I know Coyer said that he was able to do that when he was here in INDY and Peyton and he compared notes on how to attack teams. Coyers defense in INDY the year they went to the SB and were undefeated until Polian pulled the plug against the Jets was downright nasty and extremely similar to the Defense DEN uses right now after getting a midseason evaluation. The only real difference was INDY was more susceptible versus the interior running game with poor DT talent. DEN has done much better there this year.

So, give Del Rio mad props for building this defense in a gradual learning mode and slowly working out the kinks. He has done it right and gotten excellent results. As we approach the third mini season, we will see just how good the players are at executing the scheme and winning one on one battles. If they continue to improve and look as good as they have the last few weeks, we will definitely know the talent is there to make a deep playoff run and will be very solid for years to come.

I think they will continue to make strides and especially against some weak sauce offenses coming up. However, I still think the middle of the defense has to make some major strides in coverage to be a great defense capable of playoff dramatics. We shall see.....
Do you think DJ will help significantly with that.
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