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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I'll play devil's advocate here since Baja clearly needs someone to post in this thread.

Fox's record for the month of November is 18-21 and for December is 26-17. That's an average of 44-38, just slightly above average. I will say last season Fox was 4-0 in November, bucking his usual trend of 1-3 Novembers followed up by 3-1 Decembers (he went to the Coughlin school of coaching, remember)

Manning, on the other hand, is 40-19 in November and 37-19 in December.

Going back six years, I found that it wasn't November that was bad, where we are 15-12 (not awesome, but not terrible) but actually December that kills us where we are 8-19. When you consider some of the events that happened in December; spygate II, blowing the three game lead on the Chargers, and even Tebow magic fizzling late last season, it's clear that December is the month with the bad juju. We'll see how we handle it. I agree our team looks more portable and doesn't feel like we'll fold, but any given Sunday...

Regardless, we have a coach and a QB who usually do better in December, so we'll see what happens. Coach Fox is not a gimmicky coach. He doesn't fool you with scheme and just focuses on fundamentals. By the end of the season when all the tricks are played out and nobody's fooled by anything anymore, his style of football does better. I'm not super confident, but I'm not as worried as I normally am.
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Good points on Fox. I feel better now.

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