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I see Tebow starting at this point as a win-win for Rex Ryan. As long as he's willing to Say Sanchez had his shot in NY and is finished.

For one, why trade for someone you don't want to use? so the Pat's didn't pick him up? If you start him and he makes media magic like he did last year, your fans and owners are happy and you stay employed for making the moves (the trade and the starting QB change). If he is terrible, you attempted to save your season with the guy who did it for the Broncos the year previous but he just couldn't do it. This removes Tebow-mania from being front and center going into next season with a New Non-Sanchez QB. Hopefully the owner giving him a "last shot" with a new QB direction.

He's just gotta accept that Sanchez ain't the guy. If he thinks he is, bummer for Rex.
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