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Tony Carter

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Just as tebow was seen by John as Joshes mistake and he got rid of him.
IMO John sees DJ as Mikey's mistake and will get rid of him ASAP.

It is clear from everything John has done to upgrade this team, which means smart, fast, former team captains with spotless backgrounds and team players they are moving away from those cretins mikey went out and got.

That is how I see it. IMO had Mays not went down to IR they would have cut or traded DJ already.

Now he is insurance, cheap at that.
according to your logic, why didn't they cut/trade DJ at the beginning of the season. Mays went on IR 2 weeks ago, not at the beginning of the season.

The Broncos knew about his upcoming suspension and could of cut him before the season started. Why not go after Demaco Ryans (sp??)? Why not draft a LB in 2nd, 3rd round? You're freaking nuts to think the only value EFX sees in DJ is a insurance policy.

If DJ is such a horrible/bad person and performance on the field is the worst of all our LB as you say, DJ would be long gone. No team holds on to a player knowing in the offseason that the player would be suspended 6 games (later to be 9 games) only as a insurance policy. Your theory doesn't add up.
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