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The poll is missing my option. Stadium, and TV

I have 2 seats for half the season, and as far as Im concerned, there is no better place to watch the game (even though the seats are in the upper deck).

BUT... when I get home from the game, I usually will watch the game again in the man cave - skipping the commercials and announcerbabble between plays. Takes a little over an hour to go over the game, watch the key plays again, and catch the things you miss when taking a gulp of beer.

But Goodell is a fool if he thinks for a minute that HD is going to hurt his ticket sales. As everyone here is saying, its the PRICES stupid. &Diety forbid, when harder times come the football tickets are at the top of the list of expenses to be cut, not because I dont like football, but because even in the cheap seats a day at Mile High is still probably one of the most frivolous things I spend money on.

I would argue that HD, and DVRs may actually BOOST ticket sales, as they create MORE rabid fans. Ill speak for myself, since getting the big TV (100" projected (BTW, cheaper than your average big screen LCD) I have become more addicted to football. I watch more games than ever, and not just Broncos games. Dimwit Roger, you are getting the advertising revenue for that too, but apparently you dont understand that.

So Roger, try raising ticket prices and blacking out the games that are not sold out. See what happens. While Im on a good rant, have you thought about the integrity of the game you present - or have you forgotten about the replacement ref debacle? If there was ANYTHING in the last 10 years that made me not want to watch football (live, or on TV) it was the replacement refs. Yeah, that was you trying to pass off a train wreck as football.

Now... about the San Diego game. Cant wait to go yell at Rivers until I cant talk
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