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I loved DJ coming out of college, getting a great athlete from the U. He was a very good player at WLB, and behind Sean Taylor and Vilma for DROY.

Then the carosel of cordinators started and I dont care how good any player is, if you are learning a new system each year and the team is filled with subpar players such as Lenny Walls, Kelly Herndon, all of the Browncos ... He was never a me first guy and played WLB, SLB, MLB, the joker spot in Nolan's D.

The dude is a very solid LB and very Athletic. People want to discredit him and his play over the years, but then praise Woodyard's this year.

The difference is Woodyard is playing in Del Rio's D that has transformed players such as Moore, Vickerson, Ayers and woodyard to good players... Williams in a Del Rio system could actually be the player he was supposed to be when we drafted him and saw flashes in certain systems over the years, i feel Del Rio runs a system that focuses on the LB...

I mean Miller who was a rush specialist last year, has appeared to be a very complete LB this year. I cant wait to see how Williams looks
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