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Von Miller

Originally Posted by extralife View Post
I like how you think the end-all be-all defining trait of a linebacker is his proclivity to make a tackle for a loss. DJ is excellent sideline to sideline, he's not going to blow up a play too often primarily because that is not what he is asked to do.

And why do you keep bringing up next year? We're a super bowl contender, I don't give a **** about next year. "Next year" is also probably not a great point to bring up when the player DJ will primarily replace happens to be a 37 year old playing on a one year contract. Call me crazy.
Also, one thing no one has noted from what I've read... The defenses he was playing on weren't really blowing anyone up for that matter... It seems like Fox is able to get an extra gear out of all of his players, I don't see why the same wouldn't be true for DJ.

However, I'm also in the Not Broke Don't Fix It mind of thinking too. Let DJ play in passing downs, or to give our LB's a breather. No reason to put him in heavily until he proves he can grasp the system and perform as well (or better) than Brooking.
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