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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
I'd like to know how many of you pro-pot people wouldn't mind your surgeon or nurse using pot.
You could make the same argument for the prohibition of alcohol.

Or hell, caffeine for that matter, as multiple studies have shown that regularly drinking caffeine can result in reduced motor control precision.

All aspects of work regulate what you can put in your body while working. What you do in your free time is not regulated based on employment.

I'd be just fine with a nurse or surgeon who smokes pot in their free time, same as a surgeon who likes to throw a few beers back watching football on his Sunday off. A surgeon who is a chronic smoker would give me FAR more pause than weed.

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
A good post and will briefly respond before moving on to other posts in the thread.

Mostly you are correct.
But you offer no solutions for the issue. Just like booze you have to have limits and control so it is not abused.

For drugs (hard in particular it has to be zero) and we have to figure out a way to stop it.

As for weed I do not have one. Can't stop morons from being morons other than jail. Even that is a joke in some areas with bribed guards and such.
Actually, I specifically spelled out a solution to the issue that is currently working.

Something like weed you just legalize, as its no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco and therefore not worth the government's time beyond regulation of distribution and preventing illegal trafficking and underage purchases.

Everything else you decriminalize (not legalize) at small amounts tied strictly to personal use. Trafficking and large quantity possession is still a felony, but small amounts obviously for personal use are handled administratively. Jail does not fix addiction, rehab does. You said this yourself when talking about colleagues who've cleaned up through rehab. This is where we need to funnel users if the goal is to get them clean and not to feed the penal system with fresh convicts.

Rehab works. Not all the time, but a hell of a lot more often than incarceration. It's also cheaper than incarceration for state and federal governments. So why do we let misconceptions anyone who looks into this can clearly see continue to direct our drug policy?
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