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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I gave up on Dj a few years ago when I started watching his play. Rarely a stop with no gain and many after the first down was made.

Yes his stats were great for tackles. Then I started watching WW thinking he was to small to play LB. yet his numbers were as good or better than DJs were based on the playing time they both got.

Last year WWs numbers were better than DJs were starting 6 less games than DJ did. Except sacks DJ was better. Not sure if that is because he was not asked to blitz or what. But this year WWs numbers are among the top ten in almost every meaningfully stats.

Now could Dj have done as well I have no clue but since he flaked out on his teams this year by being a dumb ass I frankly do not care.

Why would anyone want to trade that out?

No one that is not a nut hugger would ..

Now as for MLB same thing applies. DJ was unale to perform his duties as MLB the last time other than make tackles again any if nit most for gains not losses.
They took making calls away form him because he was unable to do it.

brooking is a short term rental but is playing extremely well so why do you mess with that experienced teamwork..

It is not logical to make changes because someone that has not stepped on the field this year is now able to do so, when they have been playing lights out without him.

While you and everyone is convinced he is so valuable how can they not play him.

It will probably IMO be somewhere in the middle but mind my words he will not be on this team next year without taking a HUGE reduction in pay probably somewhere near 5 mil less.

He simply is not in a johns along term plans. IMHO

For all the reasons above he will be playing this weekend......yada..yad....yad...I hate unions..............
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