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I just had this conversation with co-workers the other day. I told them I had no regrets about giving up my season tix, because it was too expensive and too much of a PITA to go to 10 games a year anyway. If I want to go to a game, getting tickets on stubhub is not that difficult, and on top of that, the experience IS better at home. No snow, rain, cold, beer dumped down your back, exhorbiant parking fees, bad angles, no controversial replays shown, etc, etc. I still have a good time at a game, but it takes alot of effort to go, never mind the cost. Plus if I want to have a couple, no worries about how I am getting home, DUI checks, etc, etc.

Sportsbars are OK, but you can never hear anything. I used to like one that was over by Villa Italia, but that place closed. Jacksons Hole was OK too, but if you go there for an early game, you miss half the 2pm game before you get home.

Too many advantages to staying home, even if you have to buy the sunday ticket to get the games you want. Much better trade.
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