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Originally Posted by g6matty View Post
lonestar i should have been more specific what i would like our starting lbs to be is miller dj and woodyard how can u make a case in any form that keith brooking is a better starter then dj on our team. look what happen to the saints when vilma got back on the feild the guy hasnt produced any stats whats so ever but theyre all playing better because their brother and leader is back on the feild. we can see a similar effect wen dj comes back.

so answering ur question id replace brooking with dj . if we ween him back in the line up to get him in game shape im fine with that. when we hit the playoffs we should be clickin on all cylinders with dj securly playing mlb . thats our best case scenario imo
Dj is not Vilma. And I believe you are wrong. DJ has not shown the ability to consistently TFL, or tackle at the LOS. He is what is know as a drag down tackler. Which means positive yards on each play. Many for first downs in his career.
Brooking is just the opposite fills the hole and stops with sure tackling.

Nothing I have seen from the Broncos indicate he will take Brookings place as a starter.

Nothing but fans of us talking how great he is.

Again if John, Fox or JDR thought so much of him why the downgrade in money to stay on the team. To see if he is loyal?

He will see spot duty at best, and be used as a spare part in case something breaks IMHO. A cheap insurance policy.

I also suspect that the kiddie LBs we have will see more playing time the rest of the year to see if they are worth keeping or if we need to replace them in the draft or FA..

They already know what dumb ass can and can not do.

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