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Originally Posted by g6matty View Post
keep laughing dbag if he was going anywhere theyd have cut him by now. why cant u embrace the fact our linebackers are all talented and the team is better as a whole with dj on the feild. its almost as if were picking up two mid season free agents if porter ever comes back. our d is playing so good and its missing 4 contributors is jason hunter porter dj and carter at safety. were trending up and im fired up to see dj flying around this weekend against syphillis rivers
Who are you going to pull off the field. Someone that has been playing lights out all year, to put in a moron that has not had the teams back this past ten weeks?

He ****ed up not once not twice not even three times but five, two DUIs, the ped/drug thing or he would not have been tested where the moron tried to use non human urine, then he was stupid enough to tweet his play book and lastly he sued the NFL.
Not what anyone other than a nut hugged would call a leader, smart or a team player.

Would I embrace him coming back without all that. Maybe but as much as you seem to think he is the greatest thing since Ray Lewis he has been beat out of his position this year as well as last year by WW.

Was he good at one time? Better than our other LBs sure but that does not mean a lot considering how bad they were.

Better than crap. Good way to look at it.

He was relieved of making play calls back in 07 when he was playing MLB because he is dumber than a post was not able to relay in the calls from the sideline and if it was a bad call totally unable to make the adjustment out of it.

Sorry but I just do not see why you have all this love for the guy. Mikey screwed us one more time by completely over paying him on the second contract. Something that Elway at least fixed for the rest of this season. By cutting his pay.

If Elway did that how much do you really think he values him.

Get over the bromance.
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