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Originally Posted by BroncoFanDoug View Post
Always a bit perplexed when people get mad we don't spend up to the cap or spend tons and tons on a single talent that would definitely help the team.

It's a CAP. There is only so much to spend. You are always gonna want a little wiggle room to manage any unforeseen problems that come up.

And you are always looking for VALUE - added quality to the team per dollar spent.

We want to be about dynasty, not 1 year wonder.
Especially considering at a point there may not be a player really worth the money you have left. Regardless of money spent its foolish to just spend it all every yr because you have it. Bowlen will need cash to sign all the great young players they have to long term deals. I would like to see them do what Eagles used to do and lock up your own good players a yr or so earlier then other teams do.

Clady though is obviously going to cash in big. Most likely the deal is so hard to get done we have to tag him to give us that leverage.
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