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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
I used to love the stadium atmosphere but ever since the new stadium got built it seems as though they cater more to the white collar wine and cheese ticket buyers as opposed to the die hard fans. Add in raises in ticket prices and it becomes more fun to enjoy at home.

I remember having stadium security called on a few friends and I for cheering loudly and disturbing others around us. We were not drunk off our asses or being vulgar, just a group of fans having a nice time.
Add in everyone that wants to bring their 5 year old kids and wife for a nice day at the stadium and security gets called on the rat your neighbor line the first sound of a "F" bomb. If you pay the kinda money games cost nowadays they should have topless witresses, decent priced beers and the right to say whatever you want. I can have all of the above at home without the beer patrol or sensitivity police escorting me out of my overpriced seat.
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