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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Baltimore has good balance don't they?
Defense is weak, IMO.

I believe their defense will do them in. I know, it sounds weird to say. I get a lot of ravens coverage locally in the DC metro area and they are concerned about the D; they would know what real defense is.

Also, there are questions about their offense being able to produce when they face the big boys. They are practicing for it with their play calling but when they lose, people freak out and blame Cam Cameron's play calling...

I have my doubts about the Ravens.

I think with the Broncos, everyone here has some reservations about McGahee. Can the Broncos find enough of work arounds to not have that be their undoing? We will find out. Let's face it, that's where the Texans and Steelers have us beat, but it's not like we cannot overcome it, just that the other 2 are more balanced in that particular area.
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