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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
To be fair, they had alot of money tied up in Manning without really knowing what they were going to get. Now that they see how things have unfolded, and they see a real chance at getting a Superbowl, I betcha they spend plenty next year. There is a time to save and be frugal and there is a time to spend. It just depends on the window.
Realizing they spent a ton last year only had about 10 mil or so left over to spend thinking they would be resigning Clady. Not sure how much I'd going to be available to spend this coming year.

With about 20% of your cap going to one player another 10+% going to doom plus 10 or so for champ, there probably will not be much wiggle room. And we have a load of UFA after this year short term rentals to see if they were worth keeping or not.

Guessing we lose 10 to 12 players to FA after how they have played.

Better have a great draft for some cheaper depth.
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