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Originally Posted by Nwp-Apap View Post
Still has nothing to do with his on the field play, therefore it is irrelevant that he could theoretically kill someone by drinking and driving.

You missed the point, whatever he does off the field does not affect his athletics or talent on the field. He is still an above average LB and will see significant tome on the field because of it. People are caring too much about the off the field stuff when arguing if he should play or not.

At this point in time, DJ has served his suspension, is still a Bronco, is still and above average player, will play well for us with significant reps, and the off the field stuff is done with and doesn't matter at all.
that crap may have gotten him a place on Mikeys team but their is a new sheriff in town in fact there are two.. Elway and Manning, Elway just does not put up with this crap, he is a proud old Bronco and knows we do not have to have morons on the team..

be prepared for no DJ next year.. unless he become a model citizen, takes a HUGE hit in salary and they find another spot for him to play because as it stands right now he is not beating existing players out of a starting spot.. He just is not good enough despite your love affair with him..
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