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Originally Posted by baja View Post
I never said he would be a super start (sic) as you say. never said he'd be a super star either.

I do expect to see him on the field if not this week than by next week. JDR will use him, he has too much talent to sit the bench for the rest of the season. LB injury or not.

In fact I will bet he sees the field on defense within two games.

Got PayPal / let's bet?
As I have said many times before if they had long term plans for him that would be one thing, but he is gonzo after this season unless he takes a HUGE discount on a contract and why would they even want to do that?

if he had not redone his contract this year for the rest of the year he would have been cut..

he is not a role model they want in the locker room, they have loads of talented kiddies they need to get reps in for later this year. So odds are he gets zero reps in practice.. chance are it will take him a couple of weeks to get into game shape by then we have 5 weeks left and the playoffs.

is he an athlete absolutely but sometimes you just got to cut the bad part of the golden delicious off so it does not spoil the rest of the fruit..

JDR does not have the time to spare getting him ready other than keeping him as a spare part in case someone goes down.. I'd even say had Mays not went to IR they would not have brought him back he would not be worth cutting someone for the roster spot..

as for betting I'll pass, I earned my money that hard way or only betting on absolutes.. this one is not quite yet absolute.. and no I do not have pay pall..

Good luck on your dreams for this skell but he IMO is toast the minute the trading period starts again..
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