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Well if DJ is driving around drunk and he kills one of my family or neighbors...yeah...that's a concern. Two DUIs. Once is a mistake, twice? Cheating on drug tests that he contractually obligated to... Being a visible person in the community dictates a certain responsibility and DJ is letting everyone down in the process.. Come on man, that is several reasons to be concerned.

I'll let it go, but I am sure we'll be sorry as a fanbase. I hope I am wrong.
Still has nothing to do with his on the field play, therefore it is irrelevant that he could theoretically kill someone by drinking and driving.

You missed the point, whatever he does off the field does not affect his athletics or talent on the field. He is still an above average LB and will see significant tome on the field because of it. People are caring too much about the off the field stuff when arguing if he should play or not.

At this point in time, DJ has served his suspension, is still a Bronco, is still and above average player, will play well for us with significant reps, and the off the field stuff is done with and doesn't matter at all.
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