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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
It could be a number of things all have nothing to do with DJ Williams at all. Garcia was making it sound like Denver is better at covering TE's this year then last year because DJ Williams is off the field. Clearly we are not.

As Med already said in another thread Denver is scheming to stop the run more and the way we are doing it puts us in a disadvantage in covering TE's. Now can DJ Williams help? We will find out. Some of us think that JDR will help DJ improve like he has the other LBs so far this season.
why waste his time? he is not going to be here next year unless he takes a 5 mil hit in salary or more..

he has other players to develop. Guys they took in the draft.. DJ is mikeys baggage they dumped Tebow and most of Joshes baggage as soon as they could they have seen enough of DJ to know that he is not long term.

why there are only a few nut huggers that do not see that amazes me..
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