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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
they had nothing to lose.. period he has not cost them a red cent till Monday when they resigned him to a very reduced rate for the rest of the year..

he would not be on the team had he not redo the contract..

I'm not sure they could cut him while serving a NFL suspension.. would have to check the CBA out on that.. Plus because he does have a few friends left in the locker room that could be counter productive.

he is nothing more than an insurance policy if they have more than one injury at this point..

he has to much ground to catch up with to be worth much more than a spare part that they hope they never have to use..

time to move on.. DJ is toast..
Even if that is all he is that's no small thing a quality linebacker that can play all three positions is valuable but JDR will find him some time on the field IMO.
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