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Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
I like watching games on my TV in my recliner, with my beer that is reasonably priced and a bathroom that doesn't smell like a urinal and my pick of food without standing in a line for 30 minutes to get it.

Call me crazy, but that sounds like an infinitely better time to me.
I used to have season tickets from 1960 thru 1979 when I moved out of Colorado for good..

I spent more time in the urinal line than some folks on here have time as fans....

You know you can get a urinal installed in your bathroom for the full game day experience..

Now I like the DVR, so I can replay it stop it to go to the head, skip through the commercials , having my sweetie bring me a beverage or snacks and most of all the 60" led surround sound experience in a climate controlled situation..

Now I would go to a game if it was one of interest had prime seats and up front parking.. But going back to the 70's in the cold nasty weather on a regular basis not happening for me..
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