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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by Nwp-Apap View Post
Why do people care what a player does off the field? DJ served his punishmen, got suspended, alright. That doesn't make him any worse of an athlete or football player, and that is all I care about. Our whole team could be meth addicts, as long as they're good on the field, I'd love for them to play after their suspensions.
Well if DJ is driving around drunk and he kills one of my family or neighbors...yeah...that's a concern. Two DUIs. Once is a mistake, twice? Cheating on drug tests that he contractually obligated to... Being a visible person in the community dictates a certain responsibility and DJ is letting everyone down in the process.. Come on man, that is several reasons to be concerned.

I'll let it go, but I am sure we'll be sorry as a fanbase. I hope I am wrong.
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