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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Ah, i'm calling bull****.

The problem is, you can buy an HD tv for the same price as attending the game. That is the main issue.

Live venues are always the best experience for real sports fans, but the cost and hassle greatly outweighs the benefits (much of the time). If I wanted to take my family to the game, we would probably pay about $125 per ticket x 5 = $625. Throw in some food, a few beers, and a trip to the team store and we are now at $750+. At today's prices, that buys me a nice 60 inch flat screen.

There's your problem Roger...
Yep, I really wanted to go to the SD game this weekend. It's also my birthday, and my wife really wanted us to go. After figuring it would cost about $600 I said **** it. I could do it, but it's just stupid to pay $600 for a few hours entertainment.
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