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Originally Posted by BroncoFanDoug View Post
No question, Brookings >> Mays. However, at least from a pure physical skills perspective, DJ >> Brookings. Brookings is smart and a leader, but historically that describes DJ as well.

We would be faster and stronger with DJ on the field. Will that make us better? idk. But it's certainly worth checking out.

They are not going to just slam DJ into the starting role. I am pretty sure he will start rotating in on a very limited basis starting with SD and then see where it goes. If they play worse with him in then he will get less time and vs vs.

I suspect he will be starting MLB by the playoffs and it will be because we are a better D with him in there. And we shall see.
Not sure where you have been the past couple of years but smart is not a term anyone can add to DJs repertoire..

as noted above he is listed as the #3WLB on the Broncos web site.. unlikely they are going to play him at MLB if he is not getting any reps at all during practice.. Barring more than one injury,, then most likely move WW to MLB and dumb ass to WLB..
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