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Tony Carter

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
since he has not cost the a dollar since the season started and now he has come back to the team after redoing his contract, he was kept on the team as insurance IN case someone got hurt.. nothing more nothing less.

some of his old team mates like the guy but he is not a leader, he is an introvert. he was the captain got it taken away because of his first DUI..

y'all make him out to be some kind of hero.. he is what he is a cheating, drunk just waiting to fubar again..

he is an above average LB making almost superstar money.. he sued the NFL, was dumb enough to put his play book out on the internet..

how can you be so blind to the fact he is a moron..

Is he the guy you want your son or daughter to model after?
Don't you think you're taking this a little too far? Again, you don't know he was taking PED, so you can't say he was cheating.

I see as I see it. The guy is a damn good LB. When DJ was playing, everyone here thought WW was a scrub when he was in the lineup.

him making superstar money doesn't take away the fact that he is a better LB than WW.

The guy is a moron off the field. On the field, he is the best LB we got aside from Von.

What the hell does my children have anything to do with DJ. I thought this topic is about DJ making an impact after the suspension.
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