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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
It's pretty late in the year to even think that. He has had all this free time to mess up and he stayed clean. If Denver wants to dump him next year that is fine with me. Right now I want to see the best players on the field and DJ is one of them.

As I said in another thread RBs out of the backfield and TE's have accounted for 10 TDs. That is just under half of our season total. We need DJ to help lower that number.
you know this for fact? most of the time he spent down in MIA how do you know he was not doing drugs or boozing it up down there?

as for DJ being one of the best players on the field seems the past year or so he has nor been..

as for the 10 TDs When was that before or during Brookings time on teh field or was that mostly mays time frame..

As I said in another post sometime you just can not stop everything regardless of how you play it..

Since Brookings has been on the field instead of mays it has been very good D..

Since the only logical place to play DJ is either WLB or MLB why do you want to tamper with their success? how can you think coming cold off the street he can upgrade either spot?

Is he like a very close personal bud or something that is the only logical explanation of your love for him.
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