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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
In a vacuum/Madden scenario D.J. is definitely a superior player to WW. But it isn't a vacuum.

D.J. isn't in game shape. D.J. hasn't been in contact situations since preseason (and that was negligible) and most importantly, D.J. hasn't had an opportunity to gel with a defense that has been playing it's best collective ball since 2005. Why risk screwing with that for a player, who let's be honest isn't the most cerebral LB in the game? A big part of football is momentum and attitude and why risk alternating it with a problem child? I'd be all for working him on special teams, and taking advantage of his straight-line speed and athleticism in certain packages, but at this juncture, just inserting him in as a starter would be a huge mistake.
I agree. But I say work DJ in slowly and see what happens. I also think DJ has been in the game for awhile now. It shouldn't take him that long to works himself into the starting position. My example, Koppen. It took him all of 1 game and now is one of the most important players on the line.
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