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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Same can be said for another guy with incredible physical ability on our defense with the DC situation...Champ, yet he still performs at an elite level and gets everything out of his elite athleticism; while DUI has the ability to be a top flight LB he plays like an average LB.

I hate the excuses made for DUI all the time. He plays LB, be it MLB, WLB, SLB aside from a few changes in responsibilty with each spot. Be it coverage or calling plays it remains a read and react position. It isn't like each DC really changed his position dramatically and made him play DT or in the secondary.

Now even though I hate his guts and wish he played elsewhere, if he can improve the team at the MLB position(because that is the only LB spot that really needs an upgrade) then let him play, if he can't let him backup and play ST.
You're right the difference between the LB spots is clearly just moving over a spot and a different name.
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