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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by SleepingTiger View Post
You don't know that for a fact. DJ got busted for circumventing a test. Listening to the Les and Nalen show, Nalen swears up and down that DJ is a freak of an athlete and doesn't need PED's. He is 99.9% sure that DJ try to avoid the test because of drugs other than PED. I don't know DJ, and neither do you. Nalen played with the guy and knows him personally, so I much take his word over your speculation.

I don't get how you said we can suddenly cover TE. Heath Miller, Gates, Graham and Olsen says hi. he's not taking PED's but decided to circumvent the test? What's you're argument...that he's smoking weed? That still doesn't help and it's just as bad. Nalen hasn't been on this team in half a decade, HTF would he know?

Look at the averages and you'll see a significant difference on TE production against our defense. It's night and day in some cases.
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