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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
WW is the better LB...anyone arguning otherwise is a blind DJ hummer. Not homer, but a cock-sucking-slob that needs to wipe his chin.
Sounds like you need to wipe your chin after your affair with WW.

What did WW do last year and the year before, when the rest of the defense was really not playing well? He's now playing on a defense that has much more talent on the field and as well a much better DC, um not to mention this fella on the other side of the ball that allows the defense to take more risk and play more aggressive. I think we can all agree that DJ is going to get his chance. What he makes of it, we shall see. I'm not picking sides who is the better LB at this point. WW is playing well, but as I mentioned above, the conditions are right that allow him to do so. I think DJ can succeed on this defense also. I hope they both are on the field. Now if you want to call that DJ love, call it what you want. Sounds like you are in love with WW and want to suck his cock, hahahaha. Hey, you started it, just because some of us want to see what DJ can do doesn't mean we need to wipe our chin.
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