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Nate Irving

What I find amusing, and a real credit to Foxs coaching is that 4 of the 5 starters on our defensive line are essentially holdovers. Consider that Mike Nolan, Dennis Allen, and Wink all had Justin Bannan (except Allen), Elvis Dumervil, Kevin Vickerson, Jason Hunter, Mitch Unrein (except Nolan), and Robert Ayers. This tells me that coaching has played a huge role in the production of these players. I pointed out in Foxs first year post draft that the reason John didn't address the Defensive line had to do with his coaching philosophy. His record at Carolina, and now the Broncos is littered with underachieving defensive linemen coming together to form formidable fronts. In many of the ways Shanny & Co. have been notoriously successful buildind offensive lines, and solid rushing attacks, so too has Fox & Co. unleashed unrecognized potential in underperforming defensive linemen. To JDRs credit, he has orginized this development, and incorporated a creative element that was almost nonexistent last season. As a play caller alone JDR has improved this unit substantially. As a Coach he has brought experience, and leadership to a young group of linebackers who with a little proding have learned to maximize their potential. Nate Irving, Wesley Woodyard, Danny Tarvathian, Stevie Johnson, and most notably Von Miller are all reaping the rewards of having an experienced creative play caller like Del Rio. Combine the two coaching Philosophies, and you have a major defensive overhaul.

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