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Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
How so...the proof is in the pudding. All of sudden we can cover tightends. Plus, DJ is a cheater. That's why he got suspended....for taking PEDs. And when he's not taking PEDs...he's driving around drunk in our community.
this is the most coherent post in the thread

Why are fans so easy to lose their convictions about what standards are for.. Now I do not live in DEN but I do not want anyone driving drunk in my area..

The question is why do you want a cheater and a drunk on your team.. Even if he is clean today the odds are he will not be later..

Sportsman ship does not mean win at all costs..

The moron got caught twice does ANYONE think those were the only two times he drove drunk? Is there anyone stupid enough to believe that?

I could almost understand IF this guy played like Ray Lewis why some one could overlook that crap his has pulled.. But he is slightly above average.. Frankly now his replacement is playing lights out.. Why would anyone that is not got his/her nose so far up DJs ass not see that..
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