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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post

Be careful because dem hummers are cumming to get you, at least verbally.

There is such love for this moron it is almost incomprehensible..

Granted he was about the only one worth a crap on D for a long time. He set a standard.

But that standard has now been upped by a lot of others and he and his exorbitant salary is expendable.

Despite Foxs glowing coach speak (done to placate the few veterans that still like the moron) he no longer fits into the long term plan of this team.

Elway Fox in particular are looking for a few good men, leaders, smart, fast and great athletes. DJ is only the latter at his stage of his career. To be frank the way he has abused his body that might not even be true.

Look at all the guys that they have brought in to play. Other than Miller a super star hard working guys that are not or were not super stars in college. they have quietly out together perhaps the best D this team has had since Colliers time.

Someone mentioned TE issues yes they have great games against us. But you might also look at who they were before you piss and moan so much and when they did it.

I have yet to see the perfect D one that can shut down everything consistently.

I used to really like DJ because of his stats they out did anyone else's. But then I really started watching him at the time he rarely got a TFL, Was never asked to blitz that I could see and considering his speed at the time, that made me watch him closer. Most of his tackles were after they had gained positive yards and after they made a first down. He is a drag down from behind tackler not some one you want guarding the middle on the DL.
Well said. I expect him to be gone after this year or here for significantly less.
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