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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by baja View Post
So true.

What do you see as the biggest weakness throughout the organization, position coaches, player positions and FO included?
It is difficult to evaluate really, the presence of a few very good players can cover up a lot of deficiencies on the field and off.

Depth pretty much across the board is definitely an issue, offensive line, tight end, wide receiver, linebacker, safety and possibly DT is questionable. This could be due to below average scouting (pro and college) or positional coaching and evaluation.

Other than Miller who is obviously a huge boss and an utterly dominant player, our drafts the last 2 years are still difficult to really gauge. Franklin looks like a stud and Moore has been showing improvements this season. Carter can't be evaluated due to his injury and Virgil Green is still a situational player. Mohammed, Beal and Julius Thomas are all looking like they will wash out if they haven't already. Trevathan is the only rookie other than Wolfe who has seen the field pretty consistently and neither can be said to be wildly exceeding expectations. Osweiler won't see the field for some years hopefully and we won't really know if he is a stud or a dud until then, Hillman is showing some glimpses at best, Malik Jackson is far down the chart, Bolden is a good gunner but hasn't shown anything else. Blake has been inactive for pretty much every game.

Scouting could be an issue, but only time can really tell.
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