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I'm not buying the analysis that DJ doesn't react fast enough and/or is too dumb to play football.

DJ was the Broncos best LB (by far) for several years before Von was drafted. I don't know that he is an effective 4-3 MLB, but with the 4-2 we are playing this year, he could be the difference maker that puts this Defense over the top.

After all, Defense wins championships. Without DJ, the 2012 Broncos have shown that they cannot, under any circumstances, effectively guard opposing TE's. Trevathan has shown flashes in the passing game, but has lapses too, and is not up to par (yet) in run support. Mike Adams has been manhandled against opposing TE's. Joe Mays was destroyed. Wes has been lit up too.

DJ is still the Broncos best cover LB, and very good against the run. If the AFCW, Tampa Bay, and the Ravens are gashing us in the run game, DJ can shore it up. Having DJ on the field in the playoffs against the likes of NE's hurry-up Offense is a no-brainer.

Glad he's back, and fully expect him to take most of the snaps from Brooking and Trevathan as the season wears on. Brooking, is a good leader, but is NOT a physically dominating force in the middle anymore. He is solid at times, and other times gets washed out. Trevathan is a 5th round draft pick, who has shown flashes, but needs time to develop.

The reality is, we are in SuperBowl mode NOW, with a very small window. The addition of DJ alongside WW makes this team better.

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