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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
When he was playing the coaches always said he was the best LB to cover TEs, on this team anyway.
DJ, like Al Wilson has the speed to cover Slot WR's and the body and skills to not get boxed out by TE's. He can cover. The problem is, when he has to make reads and situational adjustments to his coverages. His slow decision making skills negate all the natural physical advantages he possesses. Plus, he lacks anticipation on the ball arrival with route stems. In short, he fails to consistently break on routes he should own with all that ability, especially in zone coverages.

I have seen him cover a slot WR all the way up the seam to the End zone 30 yards down field and not give up seperation. However, I have seen him miss a route combination in front of him and fail to take the right position to stop a First down and force the check down underneath and make the tackle short of the first down all too often. Situational awareness keeps him from being the stud Cover LB he should be.
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