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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
See the problem is it is broke. We have given up 47 catches 596 yards and 8 TDs to the other teams TE's. That is 12.6 yards per catch and damn near a TD per game. Before you start saying well Mays was the problem, over the last 4 games it's getting worse. 26 catches, 354 yards, and 5 TDs from TE's.

So yeah while our team is doing great, lets not count out DJ from helping improve the team.
Yep, this is an issue. However, they are playing to stop the big play and stop the run. That leaves the TE's and RB's as viable check downs on most patterns. It is not a great statistic, but its a hell of a lot more manageable than having the 3 WR's killing you. Part of this is scheme, part of it is the middle of the field is still weak in coverage.

Pick your poison. So far, the last 4 weeks this has worked DESPITE the great games by TE's. I'll take it. There is still only so much you can do to cover the pass, and if this is their weak point hallelujah!
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