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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Why would he be out of shape? First off, players these days, with all the OTA's and what not, are in much better shape at training camp then in the past. With that, he's had all this time to get in great shape. He might need a week or so to get in great game shape but cmon dude, 4 weeks to get in shape? You talk is if he was home sitting on the couch eating candy. He's been at the facility working out for weeks now. Please tell us all why you would be "surprised" if he is in "any shape to play".
He doesn't have the kind of track record that inspires trust. I've fallen out of love with DJ. I expect him to just come back, play well, and then **** up again. Better for the Broncos to cut their losses and get some good trade value.
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