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I tend to agree overall, but I'm starting to become very concerned about our running game. We're only averaging 3.8 yards per carry as a team and have pretty much been shut down the past two weeks. I hope that this is just because of Kuper being out, but if we want to make a deep playoff run and keep this offense running to its full potential, we need a consistently effective and non-fumbling run game.

Otherwise, this team can do it all in all three phases.
I agree, that is why I think they should activate Moreno. The running game needs a shake-up.

Starting 0-4 put the Saints in an unbearable hole, but with the way the entire team is playing, the playoffs are not out of the question. Few teams are playing as well as the Saints right now.
Who was the only team to beat the Saints in the last 5 weeks?

The Bleacher Report also came out with their NFL Rankings. Denver came in at #5.

5. Denver Broncos

Record: 6-3

The Denver Broncos are special. Good special. Scary special.

As Peyton Manning gets stronger and more comfortable, the Broncos become more and more complete. Add in the pass rush of Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil, and you have a team that can force you into passing situations by building a lead and attacking you when you drop back to throw. It's matchup hell.

I wasn't one of those people who thought Manning could do this again—or that the Broncos' talent was good enough to allow him to play this well—but he's proving me wrong on a weekly basis. And it's good to see.

Rest of the Rankings:

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